How does CaterCurator Help Simplify Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering can be incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for the employees who are put in charge of managing everything. You have to finalize a menu, interview a bunch of caterers, select the right one, constantly coordinate with them until you actually get all the food delivered, and continuously submit invoices to the finance team — All while performing your actual core work responsibilities. 


At CaterCurator, we want to simplify corporate catering by offering our customers with a curated list of caterers who are guaranteed to impress you with their specialized menu and incredible dishes. All you have to do is go to our website, create your catering order, and we will handle everything else — From coordinating with the vendors to ensuring your food gets delivered on time.

We customize meals for thousands of corporate customers like you and our catering for corporate processes is incredibly simple. 

1- Review and finalize your menu 

Enter your delivery address and date of the event to view delicious and hand-selected lunch caterers near you. You can filter the caterers according to the price, distance, and dietary needs. It’s also easy to directly find caterers who offer individually packaged lunches and other snacks. After all, boxed lunches have become more important than ever in the post-pandemic world. 

When you are done customizing the menu, review it one final time, and place the order.

2- Build up excitement about the lunch

All the detailed information about your selected menu will be available on CaterCurator, which you can download and share with your team to build up excitement. You can also reduce your processing costs since you wouldn’t have to start searching for caterers from scratch for every event. More importantly, you can track all of the spendings within the organization.

3- Leave all the boring logistics to us

Once you have placed the order, we will manage all the vendor communications and make sure all your dietary requirements are met by following up with the caterers. Our team will also contact the caterers on the day of the delivery to make sure the meal is prepared on time and we can deliver it to you promptly. 

4- Enjoy your meal with your team 

With steaming hot food delivered to your office or party venue, all you have to do is share it with everyone and enjoy the food to the fullest. If you have ordered individually packaged food, you can just distribute it among everyone without the extra hassle of setting up a separate food station.

5- Make each feedback count

You and all of your team members can review the caterers you order from on our website and help us provide you with better services in the future. We carefully go through every feedback that we receive and incorporate them into our processes to ensure our customers get only the best experience possible.

Get the most out of your lunches with our loyalty program

CaterCurator also has a loyalty program called CuratorRewards where you can earn points for every order that you place. The points can either be redeemed on your future orders or as Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Ready to place your first corporate catering order on CaterCurater? Go to our website or call us directly at (917) 470-9987.