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Who are we?

Founded in Orlando in January 2020, we are an online food catering order service that helps customers find restaurants and caterers in their area, filter by cuisine, browse menus and place their catering orders with an option of delivery or pickup - all with just a tap! From office events to family get-togethers, from 5 people to 500 people - we have an answer for you. We make it super easy for you to order catering!

We not only connect people to reliable catering but also work closely with local businesses to generate new ways for people to work and earn. We envision a future where every customer has seamless access to thousands of caterers and restaurant options, backed by our best customer support team. We envision a future where every caterer has the means to reach millions of business customers in our online marketplace enabling profitability and continuous growth.

Why CaterCurator?

  • Corporate & Social Catering

    Corporate & Social Catering:

    We do Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Client Meetings, Appreciation Dinners, Evening Socials, Grand Openings, Seminars and much more. Whether you are celebrating a Birthday, Graduation or any special event, we can cater it all!

  • Best Local Restaurants

    Best Local Restaurants:

    Enjoy endless access to thousands of best quality pre-screened caterers and restaurants in your area, with whom you can order anytime, anywhere. Get fresh, tasty meals catered from all your neighborhood favorites.

  • Hassle-Free & Easy Ordering

    Hassle-Free & Easy Ordering:

    Filter by cuisine, dietary preferences or budget, browse menus and place catering orders with an option of delivery or pickup. Create, modify or cancel catering orders anytime, anywhere. We also offer online credit card payments or corporate accounts for direct consolidated billing.

  • Serving Options

    Serving Options:

    Select between individually packed meals or sharing-style hot meals based on your needs.

  • Live Customer Support Team

    Live Customer Support Team:

    Our experienced customer care team is there to support you with everything. Connect with them in a flash any day between 8 AM to 8 PM.

  • Reliable On-Time Delivery

    Reliable On-Time Delivery:

    Trust that every order is tracked from start to finish for the timeliness, quality of service and accuracy.

  • CuratorRewards Program

    CuratorRewards Program:

    We offer a CuratorRewards loyalty program where you can earn points for the orders you place with us. Redeem your points for Amazon Gift Vouchers or discounts on future orders!