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Joining CaterCurator

CaterCurator is owned and operated by restaurant owners who are aware of the current problems in the catering industry. We have created this platform to help restaurant owners throughout the country increase brand awareness and catering sales without costing an arm and a leg.

Low Commissions :

Our commission structure is lower than the industry standard.

Direct Catering Orders :

We help small businesses get direct catering orders on their own website, at a very low commission.

Marketing each restaurant partner differently :

We market each individual restaurant the right way to bring traffic to their social media platform.

Broader Scope :

We want to market to the full potential. Our target customers are pharmaceutical reps, big and small corporates with regular corporate catering requirements and families needing catering orders for social events and get-togethers.

Listed with top restaurants :

Get recognised and included amongst the top food brands in America. Build credibility and reputation, organically.

Delivery Support :

Receive help with logistics for delivery orders to increase your customer base and reach.

More business, minimal effort :

Boost revenue by receiving guidance from us from conception to delivery. Get support from our expert sales team.

Customer Support Team :

Daily customer queries and communication is managed by us on business working days.

Be the Boss :

As a partner, you have complete control over every aspect of how the business functions and grows.

Valuable Insights :

Adapt quickly to customer requirements by getting direct feedback on orders and food experiences.

Local Food Expertise :

Also get important feedback from local food experts. Menu improvement and much more.

Focus on Quality :

From lead generation to account management, allow us to handle business growth, while you focus on what you know best - creating quality food.

Top food producers, locally owned-operated restaurants, food trucks, franchisees and specialist caterers. We work with food brands who are masters of their cuisine and popular with the locals. We work with business owners who are passionate about their food and dedicated to delivering the best possible culinary experience to their customers, just as we are.

Absolutely not! It’s completely free to sign up as a caterer on the platform. There are no on-boarding or off-boarding costs associated with partnering with CaterCurator. You never have to worry about being locked into a contract. Send us your menu and we'll do the rest. All we ask is a small commission on the orders you receive. We only make money when you do.

As specified in our merchant terms and conditions, it is required that your business abides by the laws and regulations of your local jurisdiction in order to offer your catering services on CaterCurator.

Sign up link:

You will need to submit your restaurant details, contact information, lead time, delivery radius and fees, and cancellation policy. If we feel that your business is a good fit, our team will onboard your restaurant to the CaterCurator Platform within 6-8 business days. We will send you the link to your restaurant profile for review and approval. Post your approval, we will start promoting and get you catering orders.


Sign up link:

You will need to submit your restaurant details, contact information, lead time, delivery radius and fees, and cancellation policy. If we feel that your business is a good fit, our team will onboard your restaurant to the CaterCurator Platform within 6-8 business days. We will send you the link to your restaurant profile for review and approval. Post your approval, we will start promoting and get you catering orders.

You will promptly accept (or reject) all orders within 30 minutes of receipt during business hours. If an order is received outside business hours, then 30 minutes after the start of your normal business hours the following day, you can accept the same, via your merchant portal or web URL shared via email/text.

If the order is accepted, you will receive order reminder notifications when the order-fulfillment day is approaching.

You will deliver orders (or in case of take-outs, keep the orders ready for pick-up) no more than 15 minutes before or 5 minutes after the specified delivery time. If you don’t deliver, you can arrange delivery via CaterCurator.

Yes, you are in control!

Lead Time :

You can choose a lead time between 1 to 48 hours when signing up with us. Please note, restaurants with a shorter lead time are more likely to receive impromptu-orders. The recommended lead time is between 1 to 12 hours.

Order Modification/Cancellation Policy

You can choose a time-frame within which a customer is allowed to modify/cancel their orders. The time-frame ranges between 1 to 72 hours and can be selected while signing up with us. If the customer requests to modify/cancel the order outside the cancellation window provided by you, we will reach out to you. It is up to you to decide if you want to offer a partial/no refund. The recommended lead time is between 3 hours to 15 hours.

If you wish to modify your lead time or cancellation policy, please email


We only make money when you do. A percentage is deducted from each order payout, which covers our commission, customer service, marketing, and credit card processing fees. The total amount you receive equals the amount paid by the customer less commission and credit card processing fee :

Services Commission Credit Card Fee
CaterCurator Marketplace 15% 2.75%
Get Your Own Website Catering Link 5% 2.75%
  • Commission is charged on the ​subtotal + delivery fee​ (excludes tips or taxes)
  • Credit card processing fee is charged on ​total transaction amount (includes all charges)
  • You will receive 100% of tips.
  • Sales Tax : In all states where CaterCurator orders are taxable, we will collect taxes. In all states where marketplace facilitators are required to remit taxes, we will remit taxes on your behalf and our payments to you will not include these taxes. In all states where marketplace facilitators are not required to remit taxes, our payments to you will include these taxes and you will be responsible for remitting all state and locally administered taxes correctly and in a timely manner to the appropriate agencies.

If you are a franchise with 10 or more locations, please contact us on for Master Franchise Agreement and Fee Structure.

CaterCurator will process payments twice a month (on the 5th and 20th). For orders fulfilled between 1st to 15th, payment will be made on the 20th and for orders fulfilled between 16th to end of the month, payment will be made on the 5th of the following month. We will send you a consolidated payment report of all the orders being processed during the pay period, to make sure we’re providing you with the correct total.

We process payments via Direct Deposit or Check. You can choose your preferred method of payment while signing up with us. If you wish to modify your mode of receiving payments, please email

Delivery Management

CaterCurator can arrange delivery operations for you. You can request for deliveries through your merchant portal via CuratorDelivery. You get to keep your own delivery fee that was paid by the customer and pay us the CuratorDelivery Fee. Please refer to our delivery rate structure below :

Order Subtotal CuratorDelivery Fee
Upto $300 $30
Above $300 10% of order subtotal

You also have the option to list your restaurant as “Pick-up only”.

Yes, absolutely!

Order Minimums & Delivery Fee :

You can choose a different order minimum and delivery fee for each delivery radius. Our delivery radius is 0-5 miles, 5-10 miles, 10-15 miles…..up to 25-30 miles.

Delivery Radius :

You can deliver to customers between a radius of 0-30 miles. Also, if you wish, you can choose to opt-out to deliver to customers beyond 15 miles radius.

You can fill in an appropriate order minimum and delivery fees while signing up with us. If you wish to modify your order minimums, delivery fee, and delivery radius, please email

Yes! You can choose different order minimums and delivery fees for each delivery radius. Our delivery radius is 0-5 miles, 5-10 miles, 10-15 miles…..up to 25-30 miles.

You can fill in appropriate order minimum and delivery fees while signing up with us. If you wish to modify your order minimums and delivery fee, please email


We made it super easy for your website visitors to place catering orders on your own website. Enhance your existing website with the ability to accept catering orders online, with the power of CaterCurator. Give your direct customers the online ordering convenience they want. Your staff will spend less time answering calls and focus on the rest of the business.

Easy Set-Up :

Our team will add a link to your existing website. No extra equipment required.

No Installation Fee :

You get the catering link for free. There is no fee involved in installing the link on your website. No monthly or on-going fees either. You only pay for fulfilled orders. A flat fee of 5% + 2.75% Credit Card Processing Fee.

Customer Information :

View and manage customer information and details of individual orders. Contact these customers without any restrictions.

Joining CaterCurator is a leading online food delivery service that operates in United States.

We seamlessly connect customers with their favorite restaurants. It takes just few clicks from our platform to place an order through from your favorite restaurants.

We simply take your submitted order and send it to the restaurant through a completely automated process, so you don’t have to deal with all the hassle of ordering and we make sure that you receive your order on time, every-time! is the one huge food court for many restaurants, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of finding restaurants numbers, waiting on hold or getting a busy signal while dialing a restaurant number or getting the wrong order due to miscommunication over the phone! Besides by using you can view menus with pictures of all your favorite restaurants in our easy to use website and apps.

There is no charge to customers to use catercurator services. Infact you get reward points on every order based on each restaurant which can be redeeemed for Amazon gift cards.

Yes you can pay for your order with a debit or credit card.

Yes from time to time catercurator lauches its own promotions and restaurants have the option to participate in it. All restaurants also have the ability to run any kind of promotions on their own.

Follow these simple instructions :

If ordering a delivery, then enter your delivery address and search for restaurants who deliver to your address. If ordering a pickup, enter address or zip code from an area where you can pickup the order from and search for restauranst in that area.

You'll see a wide variety of restaurants in your area, choose your favorite restaurant from the list or use sort, filter, cuisines or search to find exactly what you're looking for. Sort the restaurant results by using all the filters available and Select the restaurant you like

Click on a restaurant to view its menu, search the menu, read reviews. Add items directly to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Sign In to your existing account or Create a new account with us using your email address.

Select a delivery time, Select or enter your address and payment information, review your order, apply any promotion codes if any applicable in checkout and hit "Place Order".

Your order will then be placed and routed to the restaurant immediately. Note: if you are using our service for the first time we will call your mobile number for confirmation purposes.

No in order to place an order, you have to create an account to access all the added value features and benefit from a personalized ordering experience.

Yes you can place an order for any delivery date and any delivery time during the restaurants availability to deliver. You will be prompted to Select a Delivery Date and Delivery Time. Mostly all restaurants need atleast couple hours of lead time to be able to deliver or have your order for pickup. Every restaurant has their own set of different working hours and pickup and delivery policy. It will show you all options available for that restauarnt while completing an order.

If you entered wrong combination of email/password repeatedly up to 5 times, your account will be blocked temporarily. The system will automatically send you an email verification link to your email address which you need to unblock your account and choose a new password. You can also reset your password using the forgot password link.

Yes. You can add as many delivery addresses as you need in your account. You can also add multiple credit card information with their respective billing addresses. Go to Saved Addresses and click on "Add New Address" button.

For logged in users, go to "My Order" tab and see if your order is listed. If you order is listed check the order status for successful.

Yes. You can simply go to "My Orders" tab and choose an order from your previous orders and re order it.

You can simply click on the icon ‘add as a favorite’ available on all menu items on restaurants. You can also easily go to my favorites section on My Account page re order these items.

Contact us if you need to add, remove or change items from your order. However, please note that if the restaurant already dispatched your order then any additional items may be accounted as a new order..

If you have any issues with your order, you can notify us by calling our call center number or send us your complaint to and your complaint will be handled by our customer service team..

Yes, you can cancel your order within 5 minutes of placing your order. Please note that you cannot cancel your order later on because your order would have been already processed from the restaurant side. If your order was late for more than 20 minutes beyond the delivery promise time of the restaurant, you may also cancel your order. For debit and credit cards orders please read our debit / credit cards Terms and Conditions.

The customer refund procedure may take up to two working days to process on K-NET in Kuwait payment gateway, and up to 6 working days to process through Benefit debit card in Bahrain through the card issuing bank and maximum of 6 working day through credit cards in UAE, if the amount has not been credited in to your account. Please follow up with your bank to get latest updates.

You will receive an email confirmation with attachment containing refund advice printout from payment gateway as a reference for following up with your bank if required.

To learn more about the Debit/Credit Card refunds, please read our Terms and Conditions.

If the order you received mismatches the order you placed or if there were missing/wrong items in your order, you can contact us directly through or by calling our call center and our customer service team will dispatch a complaint letter to the restaurant and we will notify you accordingly.

Yes. You can rate and write a review about your previous order. You can simply go to ‘My Orders’ tab on my account page and click on a particular order to rate/review..

Please note that reviews are subject to our moderation and will be showing on the restaurant section within 24 hours. Please read this section of our Terms and Conditions for more information about our reviews policy.

You can email us at or call us or fill the contact us form through the Contact Us page.