On-Demand catering delivery service.

With CuratorDelivery, no need to turn down precious catering orders you cannot deliver. CaterCurator offers an on-demand delivery service with easy access to a network of trustable and professional delivery providers which will help you expand your delivery capacity and grow your catering business. You can focus on the food while we find you a suitable driver. To safeguard customer experience, our customer service team watches each order closely to ensure successful delivery.

How CuratorDelivery Works :

  • Tap to Click

    When you accept a new order, you request CuratorDelivery through your merchant portal.

  • Suitable Driver Search

    CaterCurator finds you a suitable driver with the help of its delivery partners and emails you the details.

  • OnTime Delivery

    You prepare the food, the driver picks it up at the scheduled time and delivers it to your customer.

CuratorDelivery Fees :

You keep your delivery fee that was charged to the customer, and pay us the CuratorDelivery fee mentioned below. We pay the delivery partner. There are no monthly fees or sign-up costs for using CuratorDelivery

Fee Structure :
Order Subtotal CuratorDelivery Fee
Up to $300 $30
Above $300 10% of the Food & Beverage

If the customer includes gratuity on the order, we pass that on to the driver.

For support, contact the CuratorDelivery team at 917-470-9987 or