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Our Caterers and Restaurant Partners are the very core of our business. From the chefs in the back of the house to the servers upfront, CaterCurator works with you from order inception to completion. Our ultimate goal is to make you successful and put your catering menu in front of thousands of offices and customers around the city.

How CaterCurator Works

Here’s how CaterCurator will benefit you:

  • More Business, Minimal Effort

    More Business, Minimal Effort

    Grow your business and boost your revenue with CaterCurator by opening doors to business-to-business opportunities and receiving large orders from corporate clients.

  • Free Sign-Up

    Free Sign-Up

    There are no on-boarding or off-boarding costs associated with being on the platform. You can sign up and get started for free!

  • Increase Brand Awareness

    Increase Brand Awareness

    Reach thousands of business customers & bring your restaurant to the attention of entirely new customers. Your restaurant is showcased in the marketplace with just the right visual flair to catch attention.

  • Focus on the Food

    Focus on the Food

    From lead generation to closing to account management, CaterCurator handles all aspects of the sales process so you only have to deal with making the food and delivering it!

  • Be the Boss

    Be the Boss

    This partnership puts you in the driver’s seat. The decisions that matter the most including menu, order capacity and operating hours are always up to you.

  • Valuable Insights

    Valuable Insights

    What do customers say when reviewing you? Which menu items are most ordered? We give you fast access to a complete overview of your catering business.

How does it work?

  • Sign up your restaurant with CaterCurator

    Sign up your restaurant with CaterCurator

    Tell us about your restaurant and provide your catering menu. We will list you on the CaterCurator marketplace.

  • You get orders

    You get orders

    Customers place an order from you through CaterCurator. You get notified via email, text or fax.

  • You cook and deliver

    You cook and deliver

    We remind you of your orders the day before and on the day of delivery. You prepare and deliver the order.

  • You get paid

    You get paid

    We process your payment on the 5th and 20th of every month (less commission) via check or electronic transfer.

We are here for you!

Onboarding Team

Onboarding Team

It’s free and super easy to list your business on CaterCurator. All we need from you is some basic business information and catering menu. We take it from there.

Sales Team

Sales Team

We have an in-house sales team selling your food across the city. From finding people who need catering, getting them to place an order, and keeping them happy and coming back for more, CaterCurator handles all aspects of the sales process so you only have to deal with one thing: making the food.

Local Food Experts

Local Food Experts

Our team of experts can offer feedback on your menu, delivery settings, and other factors that can help you get more orders and grow your business.

Customer Support Team

Customer Support Team

Your catering customers can connect with our support team in a flash any day between 8 AM to 8 PM and handle communications and queries so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Ready to team up with CaterCurator?

We’re always on the lookout for restaurants and caterers. If you’re interested in reaching new customers and growing your business, tell us a little about yourself and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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