Corporate Catering in The Post-Pandemic World: What’s Really Changed

As coronavirus forced companies to close their office doors and employees to work from home, corporate catering companies around the world took a big hit. Caterers who were previously providing food for thousands of corporate employees every day were suddenly out of work.

In fact, the Compass group, one of the world’s biggest catering firms had to shut down over 50 percent of their operations by April and their global revenues were halved. Most local caterers were struggling to keep their business afloat. 

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As customer requirements changed in the post-pandemic world, catering companies have had to pivot as well. Here are some of the many ways that corporate catering is changing: 

1- Moving from large bulk orders to smaller orders

Many catering businesses that solely focused on bulk orders pivoted towards the restaurant model and started taking single meal orders during the pandemic. Since most people worked from home and could not leave their house to get takeouts because of safety reasons, the frequency of online orders and takeouts increased, which worked out in the favour of catering companies. Of course, these smaller orders weren’t as big as the bulk orders, but they helped many catering companies remain afloat. 

2- Catering to essential businesses

While many corporate companies closed their offices, essential businesses like hospitals, pharmacies, and banks were still operating and they needed to provide food for their employees. This proved as a great opportunity for caterers to offer their catering services while also helping those who are at the frontlines of the pandemic. 

As the lockdown starts lifting in different states of the country and more businesses open up, the demand for catering will eventually go up as well. 

3- Individually packaged meals 

The demand for individually packaged meals and boxed lunches has increased drastically in the post-pandemic world. Companies want to make sure their employees follow all the health guidelines and regulations when they return back to the office. Individually packed lunches instead of buffet-style meals are one of the best ways to maintain social distancing and hygiene while also making sure employees are able to come together for informal conversations and discussions. 

4- Expand digital presence to increase online sales

Before the pandemic, most caterers had their own network of corporate customers who they had been serving for years. While some caterers did manage to create their digital presence online with social media and websites, they were never actively focused on it. 

As the rate of online orders increased at a tremendous rate because of the pandemic, it compelled caterers to expand their digital presence and even register on food ordering platforms in order to increase online sales and revenue.

Caterers need to pivot to succeed in the post-pandemic world

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