Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Catering Business

Digital marketing offers immense value and potential for business growth for catering companies. Establishing a strong digital presence becomes critical – especially as the culinary industry moves online and food delivery has become the norm. 

60 percent of consumers in the US order delivery or takeout once a week, while 31 percent say they use third-party delivery services at least twice a week. Digital ordering has also grown exponentially since 2014 — 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic. 

Now more than ever, customers will check for catering companies online before placing an order. Having an online presence allows potential customers to find your company. An outdated website may create the impression that you have gone out of business.  

Here are the top digital marketing strategies for catering businesses:

Digital marketing offers immense value and potential for business growth for catering companies.

If you’re looking for a stronger digital footprint and higher customer engagement online, here is a guide to effective digital marketing strategies for your catering business.

Google My Business

Register your company on Google My Business – an easy Google tool for businesses to manage their online presence. Signing up on Google allows your company name to appear online when customers search for local caterers. Make sure to enhance your profile by adding your catering menu, hours of operation, and photos. 

Online Reviews

Most customers will read up about you online before calling or visiting

and base their decision on reviews left by previous customers. A great way to generate online reviews is by creating a Yelp profile for your business. Add photos, catering menus, and a few details on your business. Acknowledge and engage politely with all kinds of reviews – whether positive or critical. 


Facebook is a great platform for catering companies to generate customer interest in their services. Whether you’re a local establishment or a large restaurant chain, your Facebook page provides quick information on your catering menu, contact details, and operating hours. If you’re a new company, a Facebook Page helps spread the word on your restaurant or catering services – particularly if you don’t have a website yet. 

Add content rich in images and videos, and upload regular posts that highlight special offers, schemes, or discounts. The Facebook messenger app also allows you to respond quickly to customer queries online. 


A platform like Instagram is high on visual storytelling and excellent to showcase your brand. Generate buzz on Instagram with beautiful shots of plated food, the restaurant space/interiors, your team, and the catering menu. Reach out to prominent food bloggers who can talk about your company on social media. For a seamless online communication strategy, you can easily integrate Instagram with your Facebook account. 

Partner with online marketplaces

Consider partnering with online marketplaces like CaterCurator to help you with increased visibility and reach. As a caterer, it allows you to focus on making delicious food while reaching thousands of customers with no hassle. Online marketplaces offer efficient systems and processes to streamline orders and delivery for caterers, leading to increased sales and profit.

Final words

Sharing the joy of delicious food online is easy if you know how and where to look. An excellent digital marketing strategy enables connections to more people, with the potential to bring exceptional business growth for your company.