How To Organize A Successful Team-Building Lunch

Team lunch can bring fun and energy into the workplace. Sharing a meal is a relaxed, social experience where employees can bond over things unrelated to work which can, in turn, lead to better team collaboration and efficiency. According to research by Cornell University, groups that eat together also have higher chances of increased productivity. 

But with teams on a daily grind, people often end up sitting at their desks to eat their meal. Over time, this could make employees feel alone and under-appreciated. Moreover, social isolation has become all too real during the pandemic and it becomes even more essential to build connections with employees. Providing team lunches is a fantastic and easy way to achieve this.

Benefits of routinely organizing team-building lunches:


A team-building lunch helps boost morale. You can disconnect from work and connect with co-workers. Having friends at work motivates many people to stay on in a company. 

Brings people together

Sharing a meal or a coffee breaks corporate barriers. Employees can share without feeling pressured and leaders gain insights into how their teams are doing.

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Providing team lunches instills pride in your company and builds a conversation on the perks, especially on social media. 

Increased productivity

Choosing to have lunch at a desk can seriously harm productivity in the long run. Surveys demonstrate that 38% of employees in North America don’t feel encouraged to take a break. Regular breaks and meals create productive employees. The same survey shows a whopping 90% of employees who state they are more energized and effective after regular breaks.

Here’s how you can organize the perfect team-building lunch

1- Pick a date and send out invites

Pick the right day, maybe a Friday or Wednesday afternoon when everyone is available. Now plan backward from the date, and make sure all preparation is complete at least a day or two in advance.

2- Choose the right activity to go with the team lunch

Think about the kind of activities that most team members like — Are they more into indoor games like table tennis, board games, or card games? Or are they more athletic who prefer outdoor games? 

You can also just have a team-building lunch with some talking points to encourage team communication.

3- Analyze your budget

You should get a clear idea of the budget you have for the entire event. It’s best to consult your finance team for this, and if you haven’t allocated funds for this previously, check where you can pull some money from.

4- Finalize a caterer

A lot of time can go into finalizing the lunch menu and finding the right caterer for your team lunches who fits your requirements and more importantly your budget. Instead of spending hours scouring through the internet, you can use CaterCurator to find the best caterers in your city and get individually packed lunches for your team delivered right to your office or activity venue. 

Final Words

Providing delicious meals shows how much you value your employees and prioritize team bonding. Looking to spend more time with the team and less time organizing? CaterCurator will take care of everything – from menu planning, vendor communication, and delivery logistics. With options of the best corporate caterers in your area, choose from a wide variety of catering menus and customized options your colleagues will enjoy.