Top Food Trends To Watch In 2021

The food industry is changing at a rapid pace. 2020 completely transformed the way the catering and restaurant industry operated, and the new year is likely to continue with a lot of trends started in 2020. 

Top food trends of 2021 that you can easily incorporate in your restaurant and catering menus to impress your customers

Here’s a forecast of the top food trends for 2021:

1 – Fermented food 

Immunity building is currently a top priority for everyone, and boosting gut health is crucial since our gut houses a majority of the cells that build the immune system. Postbiotics or fermented food offer many benefits, including improving the gut wall and strengthening the immune system. That’s why we are likely to see a lot of fermented food on the menu through food items such as kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough, kimchi, tempeh, and miso soup. 

2 – Foods that fight climate change

Your customers are constantly looking for ways to combat climate change and reduce their carbon footprint by opting for reusable cutlery and single-use plastic. In 2021, you can also expect the customers to demand menu items with a reduced carbon footprint. Therefore, you should include more plant-based options such as grains, beans, lentils, soy and tofu, mushrooms, and seaweed. You can also team up with local suppliers to create seasonal menus and showcase the season’s best produce.

3- Good old comfort food

The pandemic changed the way we lived. As people are slowly adapting to the new normal and eating out at a restaurant while maintaining the safety precautions, there’s a greater demand for comfort food for stress relief. A survey revealed that 69 percent of Americans are likely to enjoy the same amount of comfort food in the post-pandemic world.

If you are a local caterer, it is time to feature house favorites such as pizzas, spaghetti with meatballs, Mac-n-Cheese, hamburgers, and french fries. These dishes are expected to score big with the customers looking for comfort and warmth during these uncertain times. 

4 – Healthy cocktails 

Low-calorie alcoholic beverages and alcohol-free spirits will be in demand in 2021. With a larger chunk of the workforce continuing to work from home, homemade craft cocktails and boosted kombucha will occupy most refrigerator shelves. Consumers with a keen focus on wellness and health are going to opt for drinks like kombucha instead of harmful fizzy drinks as it is gluten-free, full of probiotics, and capable of delivering a boozy kick.

5 – Charcuterie boards 

If you think meat and cheese are the only worthy candidates to be displayed on the charcuterie platter, get ready to be surprised. From breakfast catering options to sinful desserts — every dish you can think of can be displayed on a charcuterie board. These boards represent the perfect amalgamation of craft and food, making them aesthetically pleasing and perfect for flat lays for social media.  

Wrapping up 

We hope you are gearing up to embrace these exciting food trends to wow your customers. 

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